Chao Hsiung, LeeDirector

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    Office:(04)22840597ext30; Laboratory:(04)22840591ext504
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Manage all General Education affairs of the school.

Carol HorngOfficer

Organize General Education micro-curriculum.
Design General Education curriculum (creating new courses, changing courses and cancelling courses).
Transfer credit of General Education course (Undergraduate program students and extension undergraduate program students).
Evaluation and advisory for required credits of General Education curriculum (including reinforcement courses).
Lifelong learning certification related affairs.
Summer College curriculum related affairs.

Ching-Yu, LuOfficer

Teacher personnel affairs.
Faculty evaluation, assessment of General Education, and support evaluation projects.
Registration of official documents.
Planning of General Education related project/program.
Outstanding General Education professor nominee selection.
Data collecting and compaction (project/school meetings).
Arranging meetings : General Education Advisory Committee, General Education Executive Committee (includes revision of General Education regulations).
PIMS contact person of General Education Center.

Yueh-Mei, LiaoAdministrative Clerk

General Education self-planned learning course related affairs.
Printing handouts of General Education curriculum.
Purchase and reimbursement affairs.
Properties Management of General Education Center.
Energy Management System related affairs.

Yi-Jhen LaiAdministrative Clerk

Coordinate TA for General Education curriculum.
Organize Pre-course in Hui Sun Forest Farm.
Organize Hui Sun lectures and General Education lectures.
Organize lectures in National Museum of Natural Science.

(We are looking for right person for this position.)Administrative Clerk

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    (04) 22840597轉27
Display management of digital bulletin and LED TV wall (1F, Teaching Complex Building), and Guest speech of General Education curriculum.
【Substitute:Yueh-Mei, Liao. (04) 22840597ext22】
Organize information literacy curriculum. 【Substitute:Pei-Ying, Lin. (04) 22840597ext28】
Coordinate TA for information literacy curriculum. 【Substitute:Yi-Jhen Lai. (04) 22840597ext26】
Website maintenance of General Education Center. 【Substitute:Ching-Yu Lu. (04) 22840597ext32】

Pei-Ying, LinAdministrative Clerk

Management of General Education curriculum (including course scheduling and launching) .
General Education curriculum selection related affairs.(including pre-selection, primary selection, online adding and dropping course, adding and dropping course under special circumstance ).
Data investigation and collection of General Education teachers.
General Education curriculum regular statistic reports.
Calculation of General Education lectures' teaching hours, including English-taught courses.
Survey and Statistics of General Education summer course.