In July 2006, the National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) launched a special unit under the Office of Academic Affairs as a platform that brings together teaching and learning resources and facilitates teacher’s professional development. The unit was dedicated to promoting the development of teaching and learning in response to the current trend in higher education around the world.
In August 2007, the unit underwent an expansion and was subsequently renamed the Center for Development of Teaching and Learning. The new establishment aims to provide teaching and learning services in greater scope and increase availability of teaching resources on campus.

Our Mission

With greater accessibility of higher education, countries around the world are placing greater emphasis on the quality of pedagogy in higher education. NCHU has established the Center for Development of Teaching and Learning that serves to coordinate different units and instructors who specialize in relevant fields. The Center will provide consultation, and planning and execute relevant tasks to better the development of teaching and learning in school.

Our Purpose

To facilitate teacher’s professional development by:
  • Holding workshops to enhance teaching competence
  • Conducting teacher assessment and evaluation
  • Establishing communities to facilitate teacher’s professional growth
  • Implementing mentor-mentee program
  • Issuing online education news
  • Presenting pedagogy award

To promote student learning by:
  • Assigning teaching assistants
  • Establishing learning and resource centers for fundamental subjects
  • Offering remedial sessions
  • Providing follow-up assessment to underachieving students
  • Offering advanced programs
  • Promoting self-guided learning

To integrate technologies into teaching and learning by:
  • Introducing instructional technologies
  • Promoting e-learning
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