The Division of Curriculum is responsible for all the issues related to the curriculums of the undergraduate programs, master programs (including part-time and industrial master programs), PhD programs, and other degree programs.

●Student Services

  • Offerings of new classes, scheduling, student enrollments for the whole NCHU.
  • Cross-school class sign-ups
  • Summer session enrollments.
  • Post announcements regarding the changes of curriculums.

 ●Teacher Services

  • Review of curriculum, offerings of new classes, scheduling, and hourly rates for full-time and part-time lecturers and professors for the whole NCHU.
  • Organization of summer sessions.
  • Organization of university curriculum meetings.
  • Provision of data regarding conferences and school affair administration contacts and communications.
  • Planning and consolidation of data before Curriculum Committee meetings.
  • Review of long-distance learning committee agenda and curriculum.
  • Coordinates facilitates such as big classrooms.
  • Management of applications for chalks, classroom board erasers and exam writing papers.

●Drawing of school-wide course learning map.

●Lending of classrooms on the 1st to the 5th floor of the Teaching Complex.

First floor of the Administration Building