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F2-33 Postponement of the Graduation Process of Graduate Students


F5-89-Application Form for Exemption From a Teaching Competence Course Through Participation in Teacher Mentoring Team Activity

Center of Tch/Lrn Dev

F3-31Application form for reward hourly fee of teaching in English


F5-88-Application for Tutors for Students Falling Behind in Studies Regulation(111-1)

Please fill out the application form at the aplliacation website. (
Center of Tch/Lrn Dev

F5-87-Application Form for Postponement and Waiver of Teaching Capability Development Courses for New Teachers at National Chung Hsing University

Center of Tch/Lrn Dev

F6-16 NCHU General Education Center of Office of Academic Affairs Project Faculty Evaluation Form

General Education

F6-17 NCHU Mini General Education Course Syllabus/Application Form

For new Mini G.E. Course, revised on 2022-July-01.
General Education

F6-01 Content Deepening Course Recommendation Form

for Colleges use only
General Education

F6-11 Content Deepening Course Application Form

for students use only
General Education

F6-05 Syllabus of NCHU General Education Course

For new General Education Course (1~3 credits), revised on 2022-July-01.
General Education