• 【EMI Certificate for University Lecturers】2022-2023 EMI Online Certificate Course Registration

【EMI Certificate for University Lecturers】2022-2023 EMI Online Certificate Course Registration

Date of Publication:2022-05-17
【Course Introduction】
"Self-Access Course: Oxford EMI Certificate for University Lecturers" is an online self-access course. It is suitable for lecturers, academics of all subjects.
Participants with a B1 level or above (CEFR) are able to participate in this course as they can repeat the Oxford EMI videos and materials as many times as they want. Using the teachers’ current language level, this course focuses on pedagogy and techniques to teach an international class successfully.

This course consists of four modules:
  • Module 1: English Medium Instruction (EMI): An Interactive Approach to Teaching
  • Module 2: Understanding the Role of Language in the Classroom
  • Module 3: EMI Teaching Skills
  • Module 4: Classroom Management and Integration
      (This course comprises 40 hours of study)
  • Lecturers who successfully complete all 4 modules of the EMI training course receive the Oxford EMI Certificate for University Lecturers.
【Participation Regulations】
  • This project is not available for participants who already signed up for "Certificate in EMI Skills Online Course" in Academic Year 110(2021-2022).
  • Registration Deadline:31th August 2022.
  • Should the enrollment exceeds expectations,the following applicants will be given priority processing:
           (1st) new faculty members for Academic Year 111(2022-2023)
           (2nd) earlier-filed applications
  • A《Declaration Form》would be sent along the  "Admission & Class Start Notification" prior to the start of the course ; please sign and return it via email.
  • It is a fully-funded project for academics at NCHU. Participants are to complete the course and submit the digital certificate to Center Of EMI by 31th August  2023. Otherwise, it will affect the application for EMI-related subsidies in the future.
  • Click Here To Register.