• 【Proposal for the Improvement of Students' English-language Proficiency】EnglishScore

【Proposal for the Improvement of Students' English-language Proficiency】EnglishScore

Date of Publication:2022-07-06

Suitable For:current students of National Chung Hsing University

Registration starts from the date of the announcement untill the vacancies are all filled up.

Testing procedures:Click Here for step-by-step guide and follow the steps by swiping through the instructions.
Please enter the Connect Code【TW-NCHU-SHARE】before you start the test.

Apply for Award:

  • Students who successfully reach CEFR B1 level in Core Skills and Speaking test are to award electronic certificates for both tests.
  • Click Here to download the award application form; you may submit your application to our office or convert your form into PDF and send it via:emi@nchu.edu.tw with email subject line as follows:EnglishScore_Student Name_Student ID
 ※   Please note that  you may only apply once per person, per prize.
  • All awards will be allotted by December 2022 (ROC 111).
  • This project is NOT applicable for those who already applied for other English Language Acquisition Grants or fail to apply by the year prescribed.
  • Students attempt to pass the English graduation benchmark should follow and check the details of the current 《Graduation Threshold of English Competence》.